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Every Honua ukulele is built with high craftmanship & aloha, sold with affordable price.

About Luthier


Aloha! I'm Mac Harada

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.
I met this four string small instrument first time when I visited Hawaii as a tourist with my family in 2002.  I was fascinated with it.  
In 2006, my family had a chance to move to Hawaii, and I decided to work for an ukulele factory.  After that, I'd had opportunities to work for two more ukulele factories,  These experiences gave me chances to learn different methods of ukulele building.
In October 2013, I launched my own ukulele business named Honua Ukulele.  Honua means the mother earth in Hawaiian.

About Honua

Fine Craftsmanship


Each of the ukuleles is hand-crafted in Honolulu Hawaii with selected woods and fine techniques.  



My ukulele is just an ukulele, not more than an ukulele.  However, it would be your best companion anywhere you go! (not in the ocean, of course)



I have experience of working for three different style ukulele companies since 2006.  Honua Ukulele blended with skills I have learned from them.

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Honua Ukulele

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

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